What’s 'On' on the 'come out roll?'

The ‘Come-out’ roll is the first roll that you make after rolling a seven. It is also the first roll that you make upon entering the game for the first time.

To limit confusion for novice players, by default ALL bets are by default set to 'ON' on the ‘Come-out’ roll. With this option turned "ON" you may place a bet almost anywhere on the Craps table while "Coming out". For more information on "Coming out" please see the section called "Playing the Game".

If you prefer to have certain bets automatically called 'OFF' on a ‘Come-out’ roll, you can do so by un-checking the relevant bet on the "options" menu. The "options" menu is found at the top left of your screen. Please note that all options changed in the Options menu will retain their set state until altered again and will be retained even if you exit the game.

Bets that are on the table but have been automatically called off will have a large ‘Off’ symbol placed over them on ‘Come-out’ rolls. All bets called ‘Off’ on the come out roll can neither win nor lose on that particular roll.

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