Which Is More Suitable for You: Craps or


There are some essential things that differentiate a craps player from a slots player. This article will introduce you to these things thus finding out which of these two casino games you are inclined to go with.

- Craps players have different personality as compared to those playing slots. When you are involved in this type of gambling, you will prefer the crowd and all the cheering and encouragements that are heard and seen around the casino craps tables. Among all the tables, craps tables are probably the most crowded ones. There is also a fast pace of the game, dice rolling, thinking fast before lacing the bets, also socialize with the dame next to you while having a drink with the friend you are accompanied by at the casino house.

Craps is definitely a game where you like to socialize, to meet other gamblers and live together the excitement of these dice game. Apart from all these, craps is also a game that is not that easy to play because there are all sorts of combinations of bets that you need to know of when placing your bets. If you are not a fast thinker and a fast wager, then you do not belong to this table.

Your clumsiness and hesitation may keep other craps players in place and everything that you represent as a beginner may keep the veteran craps players in place with all their superstitions. You must have heard by now that al the games where luck and gambling are involved give birth to a lot of superstitions. Once you are a beginner and one who is not very fast moving within the gambling features, you can be in these players' way.

- As to the slots players, well, there is a completely other story. This game is mostly for the solitaire ones. If you like to be left alone when playing a casino game, then slots is definitely the thing for you! At the slot machine it is only you, no need to socialize with anybody if you don't feel like but it Is only the waitress coming along inviting you for a drink.

There is no complexity of the game that you need to learn, you just pull the handle and wait for the right figures to fall into place. There is no superstition involved in this game, no strategies to implement and no need to keep your mind too focused. You are in control of pulling the handle at the time when it is more convenient to you.

When it comes to the online gambling experience, with the online craps there is another experience to live when compared to live craps experience. In the virtual world you simply press the mouse button to make the moves (betting and rolling) while there is no tactile experience of the dice and of placing the chips on the table. As to the slots, the difference lies only on the change of the handle replacing it with the click of the mouse button. Otherwise there is nothing changed when playing online slots as compared to the live experience.

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