Some Psychological Facts Related to

Playing Craps

Nobody can argue with me when I say that there is a rich luggage of intensive emotions involved in gambling at any of the casino table and the same goes for playing craps. Regardless if you are a new comer in the craps world or you are a veteran, there are these emotions that keep coming whenever the game is on and those dice start rolling. If you enter the casino house you will see that the most excitement takes place around the craps tables.

People gathered around this table some for gambling while others only as by-standers, it seems they are all involved into the game. But no matter how involved you would want to be, it is important to be prepared with the following things for enhancing your gambling experience at the craps table:

  • Make sure that you are perfectly ready to take control of your feelings while being engaged in betting and money that you want to place as bets. As mentioned above, there is a mixture of emotions that may cross your mind and reasoning which make no good to your gambling technique.
  • Do not let yourself driven by those greed and fear emotions regardless of the outcome of a craps round. If you bet one hand and win this one, do not consider betting even more for the next round unless your betting amount you have set as available allows you to. Otherwise it is only greed that controls your reasoning and it has never been and still isn't a good thing for any craps gambler.
  • Never approach a craps table if you do not know how to play. Many others like you have watched the game and how this one is played and thought that they can do it and be lucky enough to win without having the gaming experience. Without any knowledge, casino place is definitely not the right spot to start learning how to play this game. If you get involved as a beginner the feeling of fear will always be there with impairing your reasoning and thus being tempted to bet more than you can afford losing.
  • The more you advance in the craps game, with your wins and losses, you will also be drawn into having a drink or more, this being another reason to blur your reasoning and again be more tempted to take the wrong decisions.
  • Pretty soon, all these emotions and feelings will make room for another one: anger. You will start felling angry at yourself, at all those people gathered around the craps table, at your too many drinks that you had all evening long. You will find yourself losing focus on the game and being dominated by this anger you will not be able to set in place any of your strategies, if there were any in the first place.

There is one way to go around all these: learn how to play craps and in the meanwhile you will be able to control all these emotions that will do nothing but impairing your reasoning when playing the game.

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